Energy Metals

Development for

the 21st Century

We bring a new development model to our partnerships, mixing groundbreaking technology with boots-on-the-ground experience.

About the Company

Global Subsurface is led by Michael Kobler, a long-time energy entrepreneur/executive, and most recently, the co-founder and CEO of American Lithium Corp. At American Lithium, Mike and his team prospected, validated, and secured what has become one of the largest claystone lithium projects in North America, expected to increase lithium production in the U.S. by orders of magnitude.

What Mike learned from his American Lithium experience is that the mining industry is only just beginning to understand energy metals deposits in rock formations such as sedimentary, pegmatites, and volcanic rocks (sources that can unlock vast new supply worldwide).

Global Subsurface is focused on pushing this early-stage knowledge forward, and applying the gains to real-world projects.

We’re pushing forward by adopting and developing new technologies that can analyze a deposit in unprecedented detail, pairing the technology with the deep experience required to interpret what it finds. The results are new models that make exploration and extraction far more efficient and affordable than before.

And we're applying these new models by partnering with companies on new energy metals projects around the world.